Hello dear lovers of Maine Coon cats and visitors to our site!

We, the owners of the cattery Dobrev Coons, Christina and Kriss are glad to welcome you on our site! We really hope that you will like our cats and that you will have a look at this page more than once. We decided to separate the work with classic and polydactyl lines. 

Cats of this breed are really very beautiful, intelligent, and extremely welcoming, and the kittens of our cattery are proof of this. All our cats live with us and are perfectly socialized prior to going to their forever homes. Kittens communicate with children from birth, understand their hands and know when a person is a friend or predator. Cats are full members of the family, and not a single business is complete without their direct participation in all possible activities.

Our cats regularly take part in exhibitions and always receive high marks from experts. All of our breeding cats have been tested for possible genetic diseases. Our kittens move to a new home after being vaccinated against viral diseases at the age of no earlier than 12 weeks. Kittens leaving for new families as pets have to be neutered / spayed to receive their papers of registration. Some of our kittens are already fixed for best health possible.

In addition to breeding our own maine coons, we work with the top internationally recognized breeders in Europe. Most of our European letters have championship titles. Our partner breeders are located in Europe, and are breeding exceptionally beautifully and affectionate kittens for our customers. We encourage for the best possible medical care while supporting their work for best growth and nutrition. When the kitten is ready to leave their parents, the litter is Transported to us in our home. We observe the kittens while they adjust to our climate after travel. When the kittens is playing and eating and comfortable , customers visit and take their reserved kitten.

Due to the high raising medical veterinary costs here, we can only offer few litters kittens per year of our own breeding. Our focus is so much more to continue working with our partners and provide best quality size and offer quality maine coons for sale. Each kitten, when coming from abroad, will receive WCF pedigree and an international veterinary passport that will have up to date vaccines for their kittens age.

We will be happy to help you choose a loving pet or a kitten for your breeding work from our gorgeous  exceptional maine coons, and provide professional assistance in raising your kitten.

Do not hesitate to ask any questions you have. 

Best regards,

Dobrev Coons